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Q: 如果我同時有多個家庭需要申請傢俱,我應如何處理所有的申請?How can I handle all the applications for different beneficiaries?

A: 每個申請都需要獨立處理。 因此,社工需要逐一申請,再與每個捐贈者接洽。 Each application needs to handle it separately. Therefore, social workers need to apply the furniture one by one and communicate to the donors. 



Q: 受惠人可以直接聯繫捐贈者嗎? Can I ask the beneficiary to contact the donors directly?

A: 基於安全問題,請先由社工與捐助者接洽。但在某些情況下,如果捐賭者和受惠人同意直接溝通,社工可以分享受惠人的聯絡資料給捐贈者。Due to the security problems, social workers will be the main contact point to the donors. If donors and beneficiaries agree to communicate directly, social workers can share the beneficiary’s contact information with the donor.



Q: 如果受惠人沒有使用任何通訊應用程式,他們應如何交談?If the applicant does not use any communication application (APP), how do they discuss to each other?

A: 我們建議社工先確認運送日期和時間等細節,再告知受惠人。 或經捐贈者和受惠人的同意下,直接致電給對方作捐贈安排。We suggest social workers confirm the delivery date, time, and details first and then inform the beneficiary. OR contact each other directly under the consent of both donors and beneficiaries.  



Q: 如要取消申請,我該怎麼做?If I would like to cancel the application, what can I do?

A: 如果你想取消申請,你可以在“申請/捐贈狀態”中找到你要取消的傢俱,然後點擊“取消”即可取消申請。If you would like to cancel the application, you can go to the “Application/Donation Status” page.  And then you can find the item which you decided to cancel and click “Cancel”.After that, you have already cancelled the application. 



Q: 捐贈者會否取消或拒絕我的申請?Will the donors cancel or refuse my application? 

A: 可以。捐贈者有權取消或拒絕申請。捐贈者可先跟申請人聯絡,再決定是否同意申請。Yes. Donors have the right to cancel or refuse the application. Donors can contact the applicant and decide to accept the application afterwards.



Q:  怎樣得知哪些傢俱是可供申請的傢俱?How to recognize the furniture is applicable or not?

A:  所有於傢俱列表中的傢俱都可供申請,若該傢俱顯示為“已保留”則代表該傢俱已被其他人申請,則不能申請該傢俱。All furniture on the list is applicable. If there is a label “Reserved”, the furniture is applied by others and is not applicable for now.



Q:  怎樣與捐贈者商議交收傢俱的細節?How to discuss the delivery details of furniture with donors?

A:  透過訂單詳情裡Whatsapp Now的功能,可以即時與捐贈者進行溝通。Through the ‘Whatsapp Now’ function in order details, you can contact donors.

Q: 若我不希望社工/受惠人到家裡交收傢俱,我該怎麼做? If I don’t want the social workers or beneficiaries to enter my home to receive the furniture, what can I do?

A: 你可與社工/受惠人協商在特定地點或大廈大堂交收傢俱,或可提議使用電召貨車到你家附近交收,請注意所有交收細節都應在交收傢俱前得到雙方的同意。You can communicate with the social workers or beneficiaries to deliver your furniture at a specific meet-up point or in your lobby. OR you can advise calling a van or truck hauling service for delivery. Please note that all delivery details should be agreed upon by both parties before the furniture delivery.



Q: 若社工未能與我直接接洽交收,我應該怎樣確保轉贈順利完成?If the social workers cannot arrange the furniture delivery, what can I do to ensure the donation is operated smoothly.

A:  你可選擇直接與受惠人聯絡,或向社工提議建立一個由你、社工和受惠人組成的WhatsApp群組,以便隨時獲得社工的協助。You can contact the beneficiary directly, or ask the social worker to create a Whatsapp group that includes you, the social worker, and the beneficiary, then you can get assistance from the social worker easily.



Q: 每次的轉贈都會是與社工直接進行交收嗎? Is that every transfer directly settled with the social worker?

A:  不一定,但每宗申請都是由社工提出。一開始會由社工與捐贈者接洽,但在某些情況下,如果捐助者和受惠人同意直接溝通,社工便可分享受惠人的聯絡資料,讓捐贈者直接與受惠人聯繫。Not necessary, but all applications are submitted by social workers. In the beginning, the social workers will be the contact point of each application. In some cases, if donors and the beneficiaries agree to communicate directly, social workers can share their contact information with donors.



Q: 若與社工/受惠人未能於傢俱交收細節上達成共識,我可以拒絕捐贈嗎?If I cannot make an agreement with the social workers/beneficiaries on the details, can I refuse the donation?

A: 可以,你只需要在申請/捐贈頁面中,選取你所捐贈的傢俱,並按下「拒絕」,該申請即被拒絕。而傢俱會變回可接受申請的狀態,等候下一個申請。Yes. You can select the donated furniture on the applications /donation page and press ‘Reject’, the application will be rejected. The furniture will be opened for new applications on the list.



Q: 若我捐贈的傢俱在到達最後提取日期後仍未有申請,我應該怎樣做? If I do not receive any application after the last day of delivery, what should I do? 

A:  當傢俱到達最後提取日期後仍未被接收,物資Space會將該項傢俱下架。你可以選擇再次將傢俱上架,或捐贈到其他慈善機構。If the donated furniture has not been applied after the last day of delivery, Matzi Space will remove the furniture on the listing. You can upload the furniture once again or you can donate it to other NGOs.



Q:  如何確保我的傢俱確實捐贈予有需要人士?How to ensure my furniture are donated to people in need?

A:  所有申請者均為註冊社工,他們在註冊賬號時均需提供社工證證明其身份。捐贈者亦可透過Whatsapp與申請者聯絡,以了解更多的詳情。All applicants are social workers. They have to provide their social worker registration card for verification. Donors can contact applicants for further information through WhatsApp.

Q: 我可以直接申請傢俱嗎? 如果我想申請傢俱,我該如何申請?Can I apply the furniture directly? If I would like to apply for the furniture, how can I apply?

A: 訪客不能直接申請傢俱的。只有社工賬戶才能申請傢俱。如果你想申請傢俱,請找你的負責社工協助你申請。No. Only the social workers’ accounts can apply the furniture. Guest accounts cannot apply. Please ask your responsible social workers to apply the furniture.



Q: 我可以直接聯繫捐贈者嗎? Can I contact the donors directly?    

A: 不可以。基於安全問題,會由社工與捐助者接洽。但如果你跟捐助者同意直接溝通,社工可以分享你的聯絡資料給捐贈者。No. Due to the security problems, social workers will be the main contact point to the donors. If you and donors agree to communicate directly, social workers can share your contact information with the donor.



Q: 我該如何告訴社工我想申請哪些傢俱?How can I tell the social worker which furniture I preferred?

A: 我們建議你截取屏幕並發送給你的社工。 讓你的社工知道你想選擇哪項傢俱。We suggest you capture the screen and send it to your social workers. Social workers will know which items you preferred.

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