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  • 2011 ”PROJECT SPACE 間築社” 由一群關心社區和有志從事慈善服務的跨專業界別青年所成立。
  • 2012 本會協助尼泊爾的非牟利組織 ”VAN”,為坐落於偏遠山區 “Lahachok” 中的一間貧困農村學校,提供維修舊有校舍服務及擴建一棟新校舍,經過義工們400多個小時的翻新及興建工程,現該棟新校舍每年為120名農村小孩提供教學服務。
  • 2013 本會正式成為香港註冊慈善團體,為本地弱勢社群提供小型家居改善服務。另外,我們亦積極籌備拓展不同範疇的慈善項目。
  • 2014年,本會與「東華三院朗情綜合家庭服務中心」合作試辦「小型家居改善服務」,該活動為期6個月,義工服務時間長達230小時。
  • 2015年,本會由「南華早報」與「香港電台」之「愛心聖誕大行動」贊助,開展一項名為「鐵皮小孩小型家居改善服務」計劃,為本地劏房戶、鐵皮屋及其他居住環境惡劣之家庭提供服務。該服務每年平均為60至120戶兒童及其家庭改善家居生活質素。
  • 2016年,本會承「愛心聖誕大行動」的支持及贊助,使「小型家居改善服務」計劃加諸實行,為本地劏房戶、鐵皮屋及其他居住環境惡劣之家庭,提供小型家居維修和改善服務,送贈必須的家具用品。截至本年,已累積超過139戶家庭受惠。
  • 2017年,本會與「香港青少年服務處」聯合舉辦「家居維修義工訓練」,義工總服務時數達 202小時;此外,與不同機構合作進行「木工工作坊」及「油漆教學」等。隨後,本會更伙及本地咖啡廳「茶咖廳」籌備「社區人像畫繪畫比賽」及展覽。
  • 2018年,本社加入了「香港社會服務聯會」,並積極開展了年青人的項目,如青年活出計劃、參觀電競學院、飛行總會等,更舉辦不同的社區活動,如土瓜灣社區攝影,筲箕灣社區藝術地圖創作、海洋公園家庭樂、回收塑膠等等。
  • 2019年,本社獲得「凱瑟克基金」贊助開展了「師徒同心小型家居改善計劃」,以師徒制教授維修、木工和油漆技巧等。其次,獲得「楊蔡慧嫻基金會」及「孫志新基金」贊助開展「劏房學童小型家居改善計劃」,為居住於劏房及有小朋友的家庭送上書枱,以提供舒適的學習環境。另外,亦獲得「香港藝術發展局」贊助開展「學校與藝團伙伴計劃」,於保良局錦泰小學舉辦為期一年的「小小建築師」活動。
  • 2020年,本社與「香港藝術發展局」開展了「藝術數碼平台計劃」,將虛擬實境與劏房議題連結,藉用藝術形式帶領大眾進入劏房,以第一人身份,體會作為住客的生活,並繼續與保良局錦泰小學舉行第二期「小小建築師」。同年,承「IKEA宜家家居」支持及捐贈,本社將傢俬全數轉贈予基層及有需要家庭,並協助安裝。



  • In 2011, PROJECT SPACE was founded by a group of multi-disciplinary young professionals, who are eager to develop charity & voluntary services for the communities.
  • In 2012, PROJECT SPACE coordinated with a Nepalese NGO, called VAN, to provide a refurbishment and extension rural school building project, located in the mountainous region of Lahachok at Kaski. With over 400 volunteer hours, the brand new school building can serve 120 students in that rural area per annum.
  • In 2013, PROJECT SPACE officially became a Hong Kong Registered Charitable Institution, providing home improvement services to the local underprivileged families. We are ready to expand our charitable projects.
  • In 2014, PROJECT SPACE’s pilot project of “Home Improvement Project” collaborated with “Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Long Love Integrated Family Service Centre”, and the total volunteer hours reached 230 hours in six months.
  • In 2015, “Squatter Kids Home Improvement Project” was sponsored by “Operation Santa Claus” under “SCMP” & “RTHK”. The major beneficiaries are children and their family who living in a local subdivided unit, a container flat another adverse living environment. An average of 60 to 120 families is able to improve their quality of life under this project each year.
  • In 2016, “Home Improvement Project” have well-developed regarding continuously supported & sponsored by “Operation Santa Claus”. We sustained attention on a local subdivided unit, a container flat and another adverse living environment, with all-inclusive services of home improvement such as contribution, installation & repairing. Until this year, more than 139 families have accumulated benefit.
  • In 2017, “Home Maintenance Volunteer Training” organized by PROJECT SPACE and the “Hong Kong Children & Youth Services” with the total 202 volunteer hours. Besides, we cooperated with various organizations to conduct a few teaching workshops of home improvement like as “Carpentry” and “Wall Painting”. Afterwards, we held an exhibition of “Community Portrait Contest” with the local cafe “Congteakafe” for the purpose of the harmonious community.
  • In 2018, PROJECT SPACE joined “The Hong Kong Council of Social Service”, and carrying out young people’s projects actively, for example, Teenage Life Project, visiting E-Sports Competitions and Hong Kong Aviation Club. Furthermore, PROJECT SPACE also organized different community activities, for example, Community Creative Arts Map and Photography in Shau Kei Wan & To Kwa Wan, Ocean Park Family Fun Day and Plastic Recycle and so on.
  • In 2019, PROJECT SPACE was sponsored by “The Keswick Foundation” to carry out “The Mentor and Apprentice Concentric Home Improvement Project”, the interior decoration master will teach the young people in maintenance, carpentry and painting skills etc. Besides, we were sponsored by “YCWH Trust” and “Suen Chi Sun Charitable Foundation” to carry out “Subdivided Unit Student Home Improvement Project”, to give the study desk to the families with children, to provide a comfortable learning environment for them. In addition, we were sponsored by the “Hong Kong Arts Development Council” to carry out “Arts-in-School Partnership Scheme”, to provide a year long event “The Smarchitects” at Po Leung Kuk Grandmont Primary School.
  • In 2020, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Project Space initiated the project,” Arts Go Digital Platform”. We made use of the technology of virtual reality to present the issue of the subdivided housing problem in Hong Kong. With the technology of Virtual reality, this program enabled the participants to experience the life of the subdivided housing residents. In the same year, with our heartfelt thanks to the IKEA, Project Space was able to deliver furniture and other household supplies to the underprivileged families in need, providing assistance in installation.

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