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4 月

Agreement Amongst

We assessed the consistency for each of the three key variables: provisional ratings, number of strengths, and number of weaknesses. We looked at the agreement with three different approaches, each of which is described below one after the other. For full transparency and because we wanted to treat the two random factors (reviewers and applications) in the same way, we also examined the consistency between applications (i.e., whether evaluations and evaluations in all applications were consistent for a single reviewer; see IS appendix), but readers should be aware that the main objective of this document is to establish indicators of consistency between auditors (i.e. ( , if evaluations and evaluations between auditors were consistent for an individual application). In addition, we repeated the following analyses, using only the main strengths and defects identified by the auditors (not all strengths and weaknesses) to ensure that the results were not analyzed with the details of the auditors and found similar results (IS appendix). The terms “agreement” and “contract” are used interchangeably, but legally they are two different things. An agreement is simply an agreement or agreement between two or more parties. A contract is a specific agreement with conditions that can be imposed by the courts. Total agreement between all members of a group An agreement between two parties can come into force in two ways. The first is that both parties have fulfilled certain conditions of adherence to the agreement. The second way to enter into force is for the two parties to decide to be linked by the agreement from a certain point of time. Bilateral agreements are generally active and enforced by the second option when both parties agree to terminate the agreement from a predetermined date.

[7] An agreement cannot be obtained in court through litigation because it does not have the elements of a contract. It has absolutely no legal value, although this is often the beginning of contract negotiations. Most contracts have been in a fairly consistent format since the end of the 19th century. A standard contract begins with a preamble, followed by numbered articles containing the contents of the agreement, and ends with a concluding protocol. Our analyses show a weak consistency between auditors in assessing the same grant applications – not only with respect to the provisional rating they assign, but also with respect to the number of strengths and weaknesses they identify. Moreover, our results are not explained by differences in the detail of the reviewers: when we repeated all the match analyses, but only took into account the great strengths and weaknesses identified in the written reviews, we found equally low levels of correspondence (see IF appendix for computer details). Note, however, that our sample included only quality grant applications. The agreement might have been higher if we had made requests for assistance that were more different in quality.

Our results show that evaluators do not make a reliable distinction between good and excellent grant applications. Specific examples of evaluators` comments illustrating the qualitative nature of the disagreement are contained in the SI appendix. While agreements between friends are acceptable for ordinary favors, contracts are a common practice in the economy. The contracts clearly show what each party has agreed, set deadlines and outline options for the application of the contract if the other party does not meet its obligations. The insistence on a treaty is not a sign that you are suspicious of the other side. Contracts help build trust when money changes ownership. Informal agreements do not meet the definition of a contract. You may feel comfortable with a simple agreement if you know the other party and trust them. You can also use an agreement instead of a contract if a contract doesn`t seem worth it.

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