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10 月

Pronoun Agreement Jeopardy

4 Antecedent Ante is Latin for “before” and -cedere Latin for “to go” A pronoun therefore replaces a noun that is in front. Example: Nate made his money today! The proper noun Nate is replaced by the pronoun. 3 Definition of pronounsA pronoun replaces a noun. Authors should use the correct pronoun so that readers clearly understand the name of each pronoun – What is it? 20 Indeterminate Pronouns IIDetermined pronouns are anyone, each, each, each, someone, someone, no one, no one, everyone, many and one are always singularly. Imagine each and every one in such a way that he refers to each “single body” = one body = singular Logically, many, little, the two, several, etc. are always plural – always more than one. 21Indefined third-defined pronouns are less specific than staff pronouns and have fewer forms. Singular only singular or plural plural everyone at once anyone / a couple someone / someone several person / no one is a number of times / many / one more / nor most 10 More of This`n That `n These n`ThoseThis and That refer to singular nouns; Ex. This game is fun.

Ex. This other game is not fun. This and this one refer to plural nouns. Ex. These games are fun. Ex. These other games are not fun. 13 LIST OF PRONOUNS A H M he himself he calls himself mine me more myself all the others anyone B N At once I by O I no one united either all I himself L F small pronouns of 17 possessive pronouns that replace names and show possession Stand alone: mine, hers, hers, ours, her place before names: mine, to you, to be her, her, our, her NOTE: NO APOSTROPHE “her”! 18 Possessive pronouns II The computer belongs to him.

> stand alone It`s his computer. > place on the name, is this cat mine? > Stand alone Is this my cat? > place in front of the subject 15 Subject and object formsYour flip to enter data! 2 Different types of pronouns: What are they for you? That`s exactly it. She us him He Who We It Her Me They Their That Y`all Mine Our 6 PERSONAL PRONOUNS Her – Al will soon give him the books. (Obj) Personnel pronouns in English are used to replace names relating to people. Personnel pronouns can be used as a subject or target of sentences. Ex.s: I went to the store. (Subj) We went to the store. (Subj) Al will soon give him the books. (Obj) 9 This`n These n`ThoseThis and These refers to names that are close to time or space.

Ex. This book is mine. This and that refer to names that are further apart in time or space. Ex. This book is yours. 7 Problem with personal pronouns English has no singular and plural forms of “du”. “Du” is used for both masculine and feminine and singular and plural….

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