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4 月

Sat Pronoun Antecedent Agreement Practice

If you want to get a high score in the Scripture section, there are two grammatical rules for pronouns that you need to know. Finally, pronouns appear in the error ID and improve sentence questions. Here is an overview of each rule. This sentence is clearly not correct. This is because the pronoun “their” and the predecessor “Julie” do not agree: Julie is singular and there is plural. They do not agree on their number. It is also possible that a pronoun and a predecessor personally disagree: the wrong sentence uses two different pronouns, while the corrected versions remain glued to one or the other. This title may seem confusing. What is a precursor? And what does it mean to be a “match”? The truth is that you probably already have an intuitive understanding of how it works, but let`s break it down one by one.

As written, the underlined part of this sentence uses two different possessive pronouns, “you” and “one,” none of which corresponds to the precursor, “one person.” Choice D has a similar error – it uses both “you” and “one” when a given sentence can use “you” or “one.” Your vision may not be clear, but make sure your ancestors are not. (© xWoliex) The pronoun “he” should be plural, since its predecessor is the plural subject “Resources”.” Only two decisions change “it” correctly into “them,” but one of them, “because they depend on the reduction of foreign oil,” confuses cause and effect. Resources do not depend on the reduction of foreign oil. The correct answer is: “You can reduce our dependence on foreign oil.” A pronoun is a word that replaces a no bite – that`s it! We usually think of pronouns like words like me, him, them or his, all of which are certainly pronouns. But words are like everyone else, which ones and everyone else. Every word that can fill for a noun is a pronoun. For more information on pronouns, check out our language guide. In this sentence, the theme is “everyone,” a unique pronoun. Therefore, all pronouns that relate to “everyone” must be singular.

In the underlined part of the sentence, “prepare a plan to which they conform,” “they” is plural, not singular. Now that we understand the problem, we need to figure out how to solve it. The only subject that tests the writing of THE SAT more than the pronouns are the verbs. Also be sure to study the specialized verb agreement! The written sentence contains a small error. It, a singular pronoun, is used to refer to the plural “sporting events.” To solve this problem, the pronoun must be made in the plural, which is done in “Most men who go to sporting events, they find a pleasant change”. Choose a pronoun that correctly approves the subject. In this case, the “basketball team” is unique, although it represents a group of people, and should be accompanied by “theirs” instead of “you.” The theme of the phrase is “schools,” a plural noun. It is therefore not necessary to “be”, a single possessive pronoun, to refer to “schools”, a noun. Replacing “its” with “your” would correct the error of the sentence.

This sentence also looks correct at first glance. “This,” however, requires an identifiable Noun predecessor that he does not have.

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